The Baker’s Sweets

Lily never dreamed she would ever meet one man who would interest her more than her work does, let alone two. Meeting twin cops is not on her agenda, nor is creating more than a few hot memories. The lightning-fast romance is a surprise—the proposal an even bigger one.

Meeting the perfect mate was so unlikely. Morgan and Ian never imagined they would get so lucky. Will they be able to keep such a woman, or will the secret they are keeping steal away their chances for happiness?

Discovering that they are shape-shifters is frightening, but anger over their deceit quickly takes its place. Asking for space, Lilly could not foresee the tragedy that would strike the trio and could take the decision out of her hands. Will their dreams of happily ever after fall flat?

Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: “First of all, sexy, twin, alpha-male werewolves? That fact sent me into sensory overload. After my glasses unfogged from the meeting between Lily, Ian and Morgan, I just floated along through this story. This is an incredible read from page one until you turn the last page. Ms. Wray has certainly reached for the pinnacle and achieved it with this book. This is one of those books I just want more of. I am hoping the other sets of twins get their own romance because they would all make it to my bookshelf.” — Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

4 ANGELS: “Lily is a loner, with no family in town; she doesn’t have family gatherings to attend or cousins to hang out with. She has been married to her bakery since opening the year before. She has so little time for herself, definitely no time for a man. When one of her loyal employees invites her to a birthday dinner at her home, Lily meets twin brothers that make her body warm and fuzzy. She feels the instant attraction and at the end of the evening, the brothers escort her back to her apartment for dessert. Morgan and Ian, both alpha shape shifters, recognize the pretty baker as their mate and waste no time in claiming her as their own. The couple share amazing orgasms and grow closer over the months ahead. On a weekend trip, the brothers propose to Lily, she accepts and they learn she is pregnant. When an incident happens that reveals the brothers other side, Lily freaks out and backs away from the relationship. Will a near death accident make Lily realize how close she came to losing her happy future? What’s better than a gorgeous Alpha male, two gorgeous Alpha males. I enjoyed The Baker’s Sweets and the dominant traits that both of the men showed throughout the story. Their personalities complimented each other, which made them good for the heroine. The sexual scenes are scorching and very erotic. I also liked that the heroine was a professional and not just a damsel in distress being saved by the hero. Although she loved her men, she stood up for herself and what she believed.” — Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews



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