An early birthday present to me….


My wonderful friend and fellow writer Jennifer Denys sent me an email a couple days ago telling me that our books were moved up in production. I was surprised, but in a very good way now Ashtons release day is 13 June instead of 19 June. Yay!!

So since my birthday is on the 14th, I am going to give gifts to y’all!! Check back as it a little closer for details.

Check out my good friend Jennifer’s next release is 3 May, titled Friend or Foe this is the third in her Friends and Acquaintances series. She is an extremely talented writer with a fabulous series.

Have a great night everyone and take care!



Stubborn characters…

So, I’m working on a couple stories and I have one character that you will meet in Ashton’s book that I think you guys will like so I started a book about him. He has a story and I didn’t really know it until I wrote about him. His name is Marcus, and let’s just say he is extremely stubborn. I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine who asked if I had started on Marcus’s story. I answered yes, but his stupid ass is still standing by the limo outside the club.

Yes, I said standing there. Finally yesterday I got him to tell me what his malfunction was and he is now inside the club and has his stuff together. As crazy as that sounds it’s true, my characters dictate what occurs in a story. Hopefully he will continue to communicate with me and we will be able to keep this writing¬†process moving forward. Also have 15k written on a story that I think you will really enjoy.


Wonderful news!!!!!

Hi everyone, I have wonderful news. I received word this week you will have in your wonderful hands a copy of my latest book on 19 June 2012. Yay…

So the title of the book is Collared: Ashton. I just submitted my cover questionnaire to Siren with my blurbs and all the wonderful information it takes to create a great cover. The fabulous people over at Siren do a bang up job of creating and putting out wonderful books so I feel honored to be in there midst.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, good luck this week and stay out of trouble or enjoy the trouble and write me about it. lol Take care and I hope you enjoy the ad blurb from Collared:Ashton

BDSM club owners Ty and Nathan want a woman to complete their relationship. Can emotionally damaged Ashton submit to them and surrender to love?

Lots of Love!!!!!