Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been quite a few days since I posted, but I have been horribly busy. I am in the middle of a book and I am struggling to name another. Everyone’s great, the kids are sugared up from the furry bundle who graced our home last night and I just finished cleaning the kitchen from our big Easter dinner. We went to service this morning and I scrambled to finish cooking when I got home (did a lot of prep work early this morning.lol)
At service my children the wonderful, smart mouthed, honest children they are couldn’t wait to inform everyone I “made” them eat just an old muffin for breakfast, with put upon sigh they explained that they had to forgo their big weekend breakfast because “mom” had to work on the dishes for lunch. You would have thought I fed them dog food. I mean really, I had two kinds of muffins, fruit and cheese, boiled eggs and deli meats along with yogurt drinks, milk and juice. But did they mention any of that? Ah, no they simply explained to everyone “all they ate was an old muffin”.
I could have gladly strangled them. The big deal is a lot of people in this town go out to Easter breakfast and brunch and it’s a big to-do, I had other plans of a large lunch which obviously killed my children. Oh well, I live to serve! I love to make them miserable.lol.*snicker*I hope everyone has a safe holiday and I am off to go back to work on this book!


Spotlite giveaway!!

Hey Y’all!

I’m going to be featured over at Happily Ever After reviews tomorrow as a spotlite giveaway!! It’s a chance to win a copy of The Baker’s Sweets. Yay!!

Anyhoo, I am crazy busy with edits and ball for my three, today my son has a 5:45 game, my daughters have a 5:45 game on top of 4:45 team pics and to make matters worse the softball fields are not even close to the baseball fields like maybe 5 miles away. Well I hope y’all have a great day and take care!!


Ty and Nate….

Ok, some of you know I’ve had this story running around in my head for a really long time. Ty and Nate’s story has drawn me from the day I got the inspiration for it. However it’s done and now I’m going to edit it to death and send it in. I am so proud of this story and am quiet attached to this couple and Megan. I love m/m interaction but I’m just enough of a girl to want to have a woman involved with them, so their story is born. Here’s my problem I don’t know what to name it. It’s BDSM themed and it’s a menage, but I’m at a loss as to what to name the book. If you have any suggestions please toss them to me. The person who gives me the title I choose, I’ll send them some bookstrand bucks to sweeten the deal! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful night!