Interview with Ashley!!

Hi Everyone,

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Ashley Brooke interviewed me and I had a blast. I hope y’all are having a good week!



TBS is 5th

I just popped on the computer to check mail and saw The Baker’s Sweets is ranked 5th!!! Cool Beans!!!

I have been cleaning all day, yuck…but needed. Not really cleaning as much as decluttering and deep cleaning. Like after breakfast, I was cleaning the kitchen and decided to take the range apart and deep clean the eyes (Yes, I have a real old fashion I think I might be the last of my friends to still have a eyed, stove.) After I finished that, I was changing over the laundry and took my twins clothes to their room and the drawers were all too full. That was my next project, going through all of their clothes and reorganizing their storage space and dressers.

I did these kinds of things all day, now I’m beat and am going to pack the laptop off to the bedroom and try to write in peace and quiet. The kids are in the livingroom and my husband’s in the den so the diningroom where I normally write is too chaotic right now. Well I hope everyone had a safe Saturday, my husband thankfully had no fire calls so he was safely at home doing my honey do list.hehehehe. Not really, he was working on his own Have a wonderful night and a safe Sunday tomorrow!!

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I plan on spring cleaning and hopefully writing. Be safe and take care!!


TBS, is ranked 8th!

I was really happy to see, The Baker’s Sweets moved up to 8th. I just got home from ball practice with my children about an hour and a half ago, and I’m going to try to get out a few words before falling into the bed. Good night everyone, I hope y’all have a great day tomorrow.


Hey Y’all, The Baker’s Sweets is ranked 9th on Bookstrands top 20. That is so cool to me. Lol.

Tonight I am going back and forth working on Riley’s story and Ty and Nate’s story. Megan’s giving Ty and Nate a huge run for their money and Riley just got out of a fight for her life. I feel beat, it’s unbelievable how much it takes out of you to put your characters through tough scenes. Sometimes it just flows and it’s not hard, but some scenes no matter how easy they flow are still rough to deal with. You never want to gloss over trauma that other’s have faced, because in the end that was someones pain.

I really hope I can do them justice, the one good thing. Everyone that’s bad pays for their sins in my books and those who deserve a HEA gets one.

Happy reading everyone!

BAll, Ball, BAll

Those of you who have children understand that phrase all to well. My children have had me running none stop today. I got off work, ate lunch, packed the kids practice clothes, picked up my girls from school, hit walmart for different shorts for softball practice, picked up my son from school, picked up a snack for the kids, took my girls to softball practice (5:15), took my son to baseball practice (7:15) came home and put them all to bed after showers and dinner.

Now I’m offically pooped! lol It’s time for bed, but am I in bed right now? No, I am going to write for just a bit, Ty and Nate have been speaking to me a lot today so I want to get a few words down. I wrote a little on Riley’s book early this morning before I got the kids up for school, but I had trouble with the scene I left her in. I think it’s because I’m dreading the scene that has to come next. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. Have a great night.



Here’s the winners. Shann A. and Kimberley C. I sent you Strandbucks so shoot me an email if you got them or shoot me an email if you didn’t. Thanks for playing along!

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