Christmas shopping…

So what is everyone asking for Christmas this year? I want absolutely nothing, if you know me you will know I have just finished a complete kitchen remodel. My 11 X 20 kitchen is now an oasis for any cook. My husband blinged this thing completely out, everything from recessed lighting, rope lighting above the cabinets, under cabinet lighting. A wine cooler intstalled in the cabinets stainless steel top of the line appliances. It’s flipping amazing. My husband spared absolutely no expense.

That being said everyone has asked what they can buy me and I have said nothing. Pick an angel off one of the Salvation Army trees and buy a child something. I hate thinking of a child not having a present on Christmas morning.

What about y’all? What do y’all want?



Sad tidings….

My Thanksgiving morning started with a call that a very dear friend had collapsed. Yes I knew this friend was ill, and yes I was aware his prognosis was wasn’t good. These things brought me no comfort, I know they were supposed to, but they didn’t. Last weekend we were very lucky to spend the day with him and I witnessed him sitting back taking in the sight of this massive BBQ he’d started, arranged and supported to benefit the Red Cross. (yes this was typical of him, always stepping up to help, even before he was asked.)He was so proud and I could see this by the set of his face and glimmer in his eyes. We cut up and enjoyed the day, but for some reason he weighed on me even after it was over so my husband and I stayed behind to help clean up. Honestly I don’t enjoy clean up, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave him just yet so we finished all the things that needed to be done. We weren’t the only ones that was feeling the pull to spend time with him because another friend did the same. When it came time to leave I leaned down to his chair and kissed his cheek hugging him tight and hugged his wife and left. I wish I could go back and hug him one more time.

When I got the call, I wanted to rush to the hospital to be with the family, but as just a friend I knew it wasn’t appropriate, so we sat and waited. Fairly good news came just before lunch they had successfully gotten him back and he was breathing. I ate lunch with optimism that his family was going to have their wishes granted and we would all be blessed with his presence through this holiday season. A third call came to say they had to vent him and his eyes were fixed. This remarkable family persevered through and after many tests on the following day chose to surrender him back to God.

The reason I am saying anything at all about this is because it’s a reminder that life is short, and we never know when the last day is. Don’t have regrets. Live each and everyday like it’s your last, because it could be. I believe this and tell my children everyday not to wish their life away.

My friend passed yesterday evening. The world lost a phenomenal husband, father, grandfather, friend, firefighter and businessman. I count myself blessed for having known him. We will feel his loss forever, hopefully the legacy of memories he left behind will comfort everyone and see them through this difficult time. Rest in peace. He has answered his last call, and has left to be with the father. We will see you again one day friend.


The Holidays…

So is everyone ready for the holidays? I am not, I’m sad to say. LOL I have so much left to do, tomorrow I am going to tackle my Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping. I am honestly dreading the process of shopping this year. I have been swamped with my son doing the fall baseball camp and having to drive over a half an hour one way to get to the school where my son is attending the camp. Because of my darling young man, I am way behind the power curve on the holidays this year. 😦

So what are some of the things you are dreading/looking forward to? Me I am excited to see the Nutcracker this year. My beautiful twins were fortunate enough to be Sugar Plum Fairies this year. We also are going away for Christmas instead of staying at home so that will be nice to do something a little different. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Reading!

Have you read anything good lately?

Hi guys! I am going to try to mention a book each week that I think is awesome and I feel readers would enjoy. This week I am highlighting two books! My dear friend Jennifer Denys has a release out today that I think y’all will love titled Chasing Emily the second in her Duoterra series. It is a great story that you will truly enjoy. I love the cougar

The second book I would like to bring to your attention is Lori King’s Fire of the Wolf. It has a few elements that ladies you can’t help but enjoy! Firefighters, menage… oh boy get the water hose to cool off…hahaha.

Anyhow all kidding aside both books are wonderful reads by two very different but talented writers. I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I did. Both books can be purchased at Bookstrand now. Lori’s is already available at Amazon but you can get Jennifer’s at Amazon in a couple of weeks.

Have a great day y’all!

Great news!

Hi everyone! I have wonderful news….Collared is available now in print. Yay!

I have missed checking in with you guys! We have been busy doing some renovations on our house so we have been a little insane. Good news I am very close to having the second book in the Weston pack series.

Check back in a few days. I am scheduled to appear over at Lori Kings blog one day this week. I will post the link once its available. 🙂 thanks everyone because of all of you my dreams of writing have come true.


The Gardens at Biltmore

The Gardens at Biltmore


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